Compact Linear Actuators

Compact Linear Actuators are designed and engineered using the highest grade commercial and industrial components. The HydraMotion linear actuator consists of an electric motor driving the bi-rotational hydraulic pump, a hydraulic cylinder and an oil reservoir.

HydraMotion linear actuators offer you the following advantages:

  • High Load Capacities provided with three electric motor options.
  • Aluminum exterior, except for the motor jacket
  • High speeds obtained with three electric motor options.
  • Variable stroke length
  • Permanent magnet electric motor
  • Positive locking of rod in position or floating design available
  • Designed to compensate for thermal expansion of the fluid.
  • Ambient operating temperature, -20°F to 110°F
  • Compact design and light weight.
  • No maintenance, no fluid checks for refill and no lubrication of parts.
  • Leak proof design, actuators will stay dry.
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The HydraMotion Linear Actuator is the natural evolution of one of the world’s oldest power generation inventions. It has the power to revolutionize the use of hydraulic power for linear motion application in farming, landscaping, medical equipment, industrial manufacturing, commercial transportation, and recreational vehicles.

Farming and Landscaping: Hydramotion for the Envoironment

Hydramotion's leak-proof, sealed hydraulic system is the perfect answer for green-minded farmers, landscapers, and do-it-yourselfers who plant, till, plow, and harvest

Transportation: Hydramotion on the Move
There are hundreds of ways that HydraMotion can help your customers lift, haul, operate, tow, and move heavy objects where they need to go. Hydramotion’s mobile applications are designed to produce your customers safe, reliable hydraulic power for all of your work-related recreational vehicles.

Medical: Hydramotion for Healthier Living
A patient’s comfort and safety are always the most important aspects to be considered when designing medical and health-related equipment. HydraMotion's multiple safety features and efficient, reliable performance make it an outstanding solution for moving and transporting patients and individuals who need special attention and care.

Industrial: HydraMotion in the Workplace
Your customers can now have full hydraulic power for industrial applications that will make it easier, safer, and more efficient for them to move, lift, and position heavy objects. Not only will you be improving their health and quality of life, you will be assuring greater productivity and profitability of their business.

Your Project: HydraMotion Powering Your World
Do you have an application in mind? Give us a call today and one of our linear motion experts will be glad to assist with your project and provide any additional information you may need.216-362-7725 We will help you source the perfect solution for you.

Two Versions are available - the F1500 and the F4000

» Get Details on F1500 » Get Details on F4000
Compact Linear Actuators
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